Tea & yoga have a very natural connection. Many Yoga Studios serve tea before & after class in the yoga experience. Both tea & yoga have deep historic roots also, dating back to over 1000’s of years. There is even a popular tea company developed by a yogi.

It’s an all-natural and well known connection. But will we fully realize why? When I starting considering why it didn’t arrived at me without delay. When I thought a bit more I came to the conclusion that it’s the experience that is certainly similar. After tea as after yoga, you receive a warm & relaxed feeling! Both are solutions to take some time yourself, like a little bit of self-care. Both are approaches to relieve stress and tension.
Traditionally yoga will be the physical preparation to have your body ready for meditation. Tea can help before and during inside the meditation process to help keep you centered and focused. There can be a very close outcomes of the 3.

The better of the tea’s is often a green tea herb. Some of green tea herb’s health benefits come from it processing (or lack there-of) and the fact it is not created from fermented tea leaves like black and oolong’s tea. Green tea can be packed with powerful anti-oxidants.

Any kind of tea and even just warm water can be good to some extent. The steam from your hot tea easily start the sinus and respiratory systems in the body, allowing breath to circulate easier.

Some in the many health advantages of Tea (& Yoga):
– Increased metabolic rate which may possibly increase endurance
– Possible anti-diabetes effect
– Boosts mental alertness
– Boosts immune system
– Lowers stress levels
– Reduce intestinal inflammation
– Can increase healthy weight loss
– Aid in lessening asthma symptoms
– Reduce duration and seriousness of headache
– Reduce mild depressive symptoms
– Reduces risk factors of heart disease
– Increases mental alertness

May each cup of tea (and/or yoga class) increase you health, self-awareness & let you need to be in the moment!