Green Tea Powder

Acai Trim, described as the brand new Brazilian diet aid, may be the only Acai supplement available on the market to blend both power of the Acai berries anti-oxidants with Green Tea – an approved fat reducing and diet pill supplement.

Argued to be a supercharged fat loss as well as boosting formula, Acai Trim benefits include:
– Promoting Energy Production
– Supporting Mental Function and Alertness
– Supporting a Healthy Immune System
– Curbing Appetite
– Promoting Weight Loss Naturally

The acai berry has a rich source of dietary fiber, omega fat, amino acids and vitamin B. So to gain the greatest ORAC delivery, the acai berries are freeze dried to ensure the greatest antioxidant content because this delivers their greatest strength.

Its antioxidant ability is a result of the Anthocyanins seen in the fruit, that happen to be essential at neutralizing toxins and also the harmful effects they can have on one’s body. These provide your body wonderful method of benefits, but a majority of notably skin replenishment, a sustained increase in energy and improved focus.

Green Tea Extract (EGCG)
Green tea is made up of compounds that really work as anti-oxidants and natural metabolism boosters called catechins, which studies suggest have fat oxidation and thermogenic qualities. These properties are great for people planning to lose weight, as teas is recognized for being able to also enhance alertness and boost stamina, similar to acai, and also most of all help burn calories.
Described like a vegetarian formula, Acai Trim states that users should take two tablets per day for optimum results.

Unlike prescription weight loss fat burning agents, Acai Trim doesn’t deliver any with the dreaded unwanted side effects common in these manufactured drugs, which explains why this new Brazilian diet aid for men and women is proving a well known alternative, which manufacturers state is one of the few Acai products which delivers serious weight loss results unlike so many with the gimmicks which have tainted the market.