Green Tea Powder

Mankind knew a brief history of tea and its particular making from time long. Some says it originates in China or Tibet, designs true but humans loved and enjoyed there cup of this beverage. The western world enjoyed Black tea, though this taste has seen some changes in the recent times. More and more people recently started enjoying Green leaf Tea. What is Green Tea?

This tea is a similar tea leaves of the same plant named “Camellia sinensis”. Just the difference between this and the black variety would be that the leaves are plucked just when they are un-wilted and un-oxidized. The minimal oxidation process makes vid Green leaf tea.


The recent advent with this variety available in the market is solely to blame for different studies produced by different research labs all around the world.

In the recent lab studies it is often found out that certain alkaloids and chemical constituent of the green leaf tea reduced the interest rate of growth of certain cancerous cells within the body.

Another study is within progress with regards to the work of the reducing weight and different the process of obesity. Although researchers are still unsure if the green leaf tea can certainly help some on lose fat.
Although beneficial Green leaf tea still contains enough caffeine showing some long lasting negative effects. One or two cases of liver issues due to drinking of concentrated teas on a long-term bases are actually noted.
Green tea also contains small traces of Vitamin K, which includes the reputation to make anti coagulant like warfarin less effective.