What is Green Tea mind you?
On yesterday, while going through a well known “Answers Forum”, I came across an incredibly naive question. The question was “is green tea just like lemon tea?”. There were many sympathetic and a lot of humorous answers. At first I was amazed, then amused. I remembered the day I first obtained a pack of green tea inadvertently, before some 2 decades. I also recalled all of the actions I took, every one of the permutation and combination I tried for the best of this new stuff and the reactions then followed.

I understand now, how someone can be so naive. I had gone through it.

Is not green tea important enough to be known to people using computers? No, most certainly not. Even if green tea were it is essential under the Sun, still we can not expect just about anybody to know about it! But again, ignorance is not any virtue! Green tea certainly deserves a better place. The fact the questioner was curious as to green tea extract suggests that it’s important plus it deserves some pondering.

It’s not Lemon tea
The tea we use belong to three distinct categories, black, green and white. The black variety is most commonly used in all households. These all are harvested from your same Camellia sinensis, the most popular tea plant, their process of harvesting only makes the difference. Green tea is harvested from your tender green leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant and is also dried or only partly fermented. As it can be processed very less, it has a lot more antioxidants than black variety that is completely fermented. It has a very grassy taste, that is why a lot of people abhor the taste of it and prefer white variety. But, it is favored over white one because of its ready availability. Lemon tea is whenever we then add lemon ingredient like powder of dried lemon peel for the herbal tea tisane or fresh lemon juice to common tea decoction.

The Other Siblings Black Tea
Black tea is a variety that is harvested from your mature leaves which is more oxidized as opposed to other varieties. It is generally stronger in color and flavor possesses more caffeine compared to the other three. The fermentation process accustomed to make black tea converts epigallocatechin gallate (EGCg) into other compounds, so, it really is assumed this had less health improvements as opposed to other tea varieties. However, recent reports by researchers indicate that theaflavins and thearubigens, the compounds within it, do over help with its flavor and color.

White Tea White leaves are harvested through the tender buds at a younger age than green leaves, so, they support the white color. It is dries, not fermented. White tea includes a certain edge total other varieties in terms of % antioxidant content and yes it doesn’t need any apparent complication. This is an extremely good variety, but bit costlier.

Oolong Tea
This variety sometimes called “semi-fermented”. Green leaves are withered and after that subjected to a few light rollings. Firing halts oxidation when it’s about 50 % complete. However, it undergoes some extent of oxidation or fermentation that consequently places it involving the green and black tea. One can find a great many other varieties out there, but these are minor local variations from the original one. For example, Jasmine tea is prepared by adding Jasmine flowers.

Why it really is Important
Antioxidants seen in green tea are polyphenols. These can be also present in grape seeds and pine bark extracts, but also in lesser concentration. These polyphenols are mostly flavonoids called proanthocyanidins. The main proanthocyanidins are catechins as well as the most powerful with the catechins is Epigallocatechin Gallate(EGCG) that is seen in the highest concentration in white and green tea extract. It plays a role in reduced coronary disease, bad cholesterol and surge in metabolic rate / fat oxidization, so can be useful for weight-loss. It also prevents death of brain cells (less possibility of Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s diseases) and reduces chances of cancers in healthy people when taken regularly. It totally prevents Cancer causing DNA damages in smokers in lungs cancer.

A last word
Tea is the second largest consumed liquid only close to water. If we personalize it a bit with green tea herb or with many great herbs, it might become one from the greatest health drinks within our day alive. With no extra effort what about finding a ton of benefit? We can stay slim, trim, healthy and happy.
Think it over!