With a lot of fat loss products showing up in the market, individuals have looked at green tea herb as a weight reduction formula as opposed to a beverage. Just like its black counterpart Green tea remains to be a refreshing beverage with some added weight-loss properties. However I must state that anything has its unwanted side effects if consumed in excess quantity. The same is true for fat loss tea as well.

Here are a couple of possible negative effects of Green tea

Every type of tea contains some amount of caffeine as well as excess consumption is harmful it doesn’t matter how you consume it. Usually what happens is that folks start consuming a fat loss tea excessively quantity simply to speed up the weight-loss process. Unfortunately, it won’t work this way. You may feel dizziness, restlessness, upset stomach and disturbed sleep if you consume green tea beyond the recommended levels. Usually 3-5 cups a day may be the maximum recommended limits of any type of organic tea. During pregnancy women really should avoid caffine anyway therefore herbal or any organic tea should also be avoided.Excess amount of caffeine is among the reasons of miscarriage. An acid referred to as oxalate exists in organic or green tea. It is seen to damage kidney. However it requires quite a bit of tea consumption because of this acid to cause any harm therefore this unwanted effect is actually negligible. Due to heavy caffeine contents, green tea isn’t recommended to folks who will be allergic to caffeine. It may cause skin rashes or many other complications in case of excess consumption Moreover there are many medications that green tea usually do not fit. Even if they are usually employed for same effect, we’ve got to avoid them unless recommended with a physician.

Aspirin: It helps in preventing blood clotting. Though green tea herb in moderate quantity is useful for preventing blood clotting, it requires to not used when you find yourself taking Aspirin. Consumption of the tea and Aspirin may result in bleeding without clotting. Clozapine is a drug for anti -psychotic effects. It is seen to negate its effect if you eat this drug inside an hour drinking green tea extract. Adenosine- This is normally used by normalizing pulse rates. It is often employed in hospitals therefore possibility of its consumption by anyone at home is very unlikely.Effect of this drug is entirely nullified if teas is consumed simultaneously. Blood thinners: Usually blood thinners do not suit usage of caffeine in all forms therefore organic teas must be avoided in case you are consuming blood thinners in any form.

There could be many other unwanted effects of any type of tea so it is better to get a tea that is formulated remembering the special needs of fat loss aspirants.