Green Tea Powder

Their are three main types of tea that people currently drink today; black, green, and oolong tea’s. Among these three different types of drinks, green is the one which contains the highest amount of antioxidants which in this case are also known as polyphenols. The antioxidants in green tea’s help to eliminate many of the free radicals that are known to be floating around within our bodies. These free radicals have also been known to cause health problems such as cancer, and heart disease. Quite honestly the benefits of drinking green tea even if the product was not clinically proven to help speed up weight loss should be enough for most people. Though the fact remains that green tea is also a very powerful weight loss agent.

When overweight people try to understand why it is that they are overweight, many come to the conclusion that their metabolism is to slow. What this means is that in their particular body, they digest food slower than others hence causing a back up of undigested food within the stomach, which, if not burned off via cardio or weight training will turn into fat. With green tea however, studies have shown that by drinking this tea in conjunction with some other form of caffeine, users are able to speed up their metabolism safely, which allows for an increase in the amount of fat to be burned.
As with any diet, the user should be sure to incorporate some sort of either cardio or weight training several days per week for at least 20 minutes.

The positive weight loss effects, coupled with the fact that green tea has been linked to helping people stop the spread of cancer, and even stop cancer from ever forming make it the perfect drink for anyone looking for help in both weight loss, and overall vitality.