Green Tea Powder

Weight loss teas have become popular worldwide. While most research has centered on green tea extract to lose weight, there are additional forms of tea that can help you lose weight. Given the wide range and varying quality of weight loss teas, it’s tough to decide which fits your needs. This is no longer a worry with all the introduction of Tava Tea Wellness Blend.

What is Tava Tea?
Tava Tea is an exceptional blend of Sencha, Puerh and Wu Yi Cliff Oolong tea. Only the finest, organic whole tea leaves are selected to create this potent blend. These 3 types of tea have been known and found in China for countless years for weight reduction as well as other many benefits.

How does it work?
The main ingredient in this tea is polyphenol. It is an antioxidant that increases metabolism and burns fat.
One from the reasons for unwanted fat storage is insulin spike after eating a carb meal. By drinking Tava Tea within 15 minutes of consuming carbohydrate foods, it may slow up the discharge of insulin hormone and reduce the possibilities of weight gain.

Polyphenols have healing properties and health benefits (see below).
This tea contains high quantities of amino acid L-theanine which regulate appetite and mood. This natural substance restores positive mood and reduces comfort eating.

Summary of Tava Tea benefits
– burns up to 2 times more calories than green tea herb alone
– improves oral health
– promotes heart health
– lowers cholesterol levels
– strengthens immune system
– improves digestion
– regulates insulin
– calms your mind
– energises your body
– anti ageing

Due on the numerous health benefits, it is no surprise that this tea is more than a weight-loss tea!
It uses 100% organic ingredients that have both CERES and USDA organic certifications which is completely natural without any artificial additives.

You can be assured that you will be receiving the highest quality tea manufactured based on high standards. The whole tea leaves are packed into nylon pyramid teabags in order to be reused more than once until all antioxidants and minerals have been fully extracted. No tea dust or scraps are widely-used with out fillers are added.

The manufacturers of Tava Tea Wellness Blend are providing 180-day cash back guarantee because they are confident of its effectiveness. If you are not happy while using results, you’ll be able to ask for a refund.
It is simple and useful to drink this tea. Simply replace your usual coffee, sodas or fruit juices with Tava Tea Wellness Blend to lose weight or experience its enormous health benefits.