The usage of Green tea has largely increased mainly because it has many advantages. It helps in eliminating diseases like Asthma, HIV, Heart disorders and Liver diseases and much more. The scope informed is limited to using Green tea as antioxidant so that as fat loss agent.

* Saccharides
* Catechin
* amino acid theanine
* Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C, E, F, P, & U
* Butyric acid
* Minerals
* Pectin
* Chlorophyll
* Saponin.
* Caffeine

Why is Green tea unique of other tea:-
Camellia Sinensis is the plant where Green tea, Oolong tea and Black tea are produced. All the three varieties of tea come in the same plant however, there is a large difference inside nutrients of all of the three tea. The reason behind the difference of the nutrients in the tea is their manufacturing process. It is produced by steaming and then drying the leaves as the Black tea is manufactured by withering, rolling, fermenting and after that drying the tea leaves. Fermentation process which is undergone with the Black tea reduces its nutritional value. As the no undergoes fermentation process, all the ingredients remain active which means that it is regarded as the healthy way of tea.

Weight loss:
Scientific research has proved the it can help in boosting your metabolism rate of the body and also can be useful for losing weight. One of the research confirmed how the Green tea helped fat person to keep its weights while proving worthwhile in weight loss. The reason why it can help in preventing obesity is that it blocks the movement of Glucose in Fat cells. It has substances generally known as Polyphenols which can be which can help in fat loss by increasing the metabolism of fats from the liver, stops the lipase (a fat absorbing enzyme) inside gastrointestinal tract as well as provides fullness feeling. Polyphenols especially Catechins do not function as stimulant but can be useful for burning calories.

Powerful Antioxidant:
Free radicals are the damaging compounds in the body which alters the cells, tampers using the DNA or could also cause cell death. The occurrence of Free radicals is natural inside the body but environmental pollutants may also get added since the damaging particles in the body. According to one of the researchers, Free radicals are responsible for getting older as well because health disorders associated with heart. Antioxidants include the substances which get rid of the Free radicals from the body.

Polyphenols which can be present within the Green tea are perfect Antioxidants which neutralizes the Free radicals and helps with preventing the injury caused through the free radical. Vitamin C also acts as Antioxidants but the ingredients from the Green tea are a great deal more effective than Vitamin C. Green tea helps as well our bodies in protecting cellular structure from damages that are thought to be associated with Cancer. Hence Green tea is considered as a robust Antioxidant.