Green Tea Powder

I love coffee. But I recently made a decision to quit because of a ailment that I felt the caffeine may be causing. I was concerned about that killer headache that caffeine withdrawal can cause. I did NOT desire to spend another a few days with my head throbbing or popping a lot of ibuprofen. So I invented a fairly easy and healthy solution. Green Tea. I replaced the coffee with equivalent numbers of the tea for the following a few days and since green tea has some caffeine in it (but not nearly as up to coffee) it kept my headache away completely.

If you want to get off caffeine completely, reduce the quantity of green tea extract you drink over the following a few days or weeks. Be sure to give oneself enough days about the tea before weaning yourself off to less caffeine after which no caffeine. It will take a week or higher to the results of the caffeine to work their way to avoid it of one’s system. Be sure to get plenty of fluids during this transition period.

Green tea has many health improvements and is also healthy if you are drinking it or taking green tea herb extract supplements. Green tea is supportive for several different ailments and has been used as a treatment for; focus and, anxiety, cardiovascular and immune system health insurance and perhaps even weight reduction. There is a component within it called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) that’s a free-radical scavenger. In addition green tea has L-theanine which was scientifically which can bring your brain to an alpha wave state and therefore leads to relaxation and reduces anxiety, while at the same time increases concentration and energy.

Green tea has one-third to one-sixth the volume of caffeine as coffee, in order to calculate simply how much to relieve and gradually reduce your dependence over weekly or two without suffering a lot of. Caffeine is addictive, but weaning yourself off it more than a relatively short volume of time doesn’t need being too painful.
After several more days I discovered that I missed the act of drinking coffee. I did not miss the caffeine whatsoever, but I missed the coffee and its particular associations to me each morning. So I started to drink decaffeinated coffee. I used to become among those people that said “coffee without caffeine? What is the point?” But now I understand. I can have my cake and eat it too – minus the unwanted side-effects.